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Located on the top of the hill in Kankaiji Onsen (one of the eight hot spring areas) of Beppu-Onsen-Kyou.
Beppu is the one of the best onsen towns in Japan. It is a resort where three generations can enjoy.
There are 3 accommodation buildings called HON-KAN, NAKA-KAN , and NIJI-KAN that house 587 guest rooms.
Enjoy our open-air hot spring bath “TANAYU” with a magnificent view of Beppu Bay and the night view of the town as well as our buffet restaurants.

"TANAYU", an open-air hot spring bath with a magnificent view

Consists of a complex of tubs spreading out in five tiers like terraced rice paddies. It commands a magnificent and an expansive view of Beppu Bay and the night view of the town, as well as the view of Sadamisaki Cape in Shikoku in the distance. 【"TANAYU”will be temporarily closing for renovations from January 16th, 2023 to June 30th, 2023. 】

"MIDORIYU", a public hot spring bath for only stay guests

Family friendly bath for both elderlies and with children. In addition to TANAYU, enjoy another sight from its open-air bath.

★Rules of Admission to the public baths and swimming pools at SUGINOI HOTEL:
* Intoxicated people & people with Tattoos are not permitted to enter our public baths and swimming pools.
* Do not allow men and women over 7 years old to mix bathing.
For children under the age of 6(pre-schooler), the Onsen is available with their parents or guardians regardless of gender.
About the use of mixed bathing for children, the Oita Prefecture Public Bath Law Enforcement Ordinance was amended, and from January 1, 2022, the mixed bathing restriction age for men and women was lowered to over 7 years old.

HON-KAN B1 Family bath for only stay guests.

*Please make a reservation when you check-in.

OPEN HOURS: 15:30 to 23:00

The bath is located next to MIDORI-YU.

 A family bath (Indoor).
A family bath (Indoor).
An open-air family bath (Outdoor).
An open-air family bath (Outdoor).
Location Bath type Time Weekdays Saturdays &
Indoor 45min 2,750JPY 3,300JPY
Outdoor 45min 3,300JPY 3,850JPY
Buffet Restaurant
Buffet Restaurant "Seeds"

Enjoy the seasonal fresh local foods. Your dishes are cooked just in front of you.

World Dining
World Dining "Ceada Palace"

A new style buffet restaurant that features special foods, facilities, and settings to entertain all generations from young children to adults.

Floating Island
Floating Island "Seeds Terrace"

Special terrace tables under the giant umbrella for NAKA-KAN guests in our restaurant "Seeds".

To Guests with Food Allergies

At the Beppu Suginoi Hotel, a variety of menus are prepared in the same kitchen with the same cookware. Additionally, cleaning of tableware, etc. is done in the same location with the same washing machine so there is a possibility of these coming into contact with food allergens. As such, in consideration of guests’ safety, the hotel does not provide menus for guests with food allergies or allergen lists. Guests to the hotel should be aware of the above and use their own judgment on whether they will partake in meals or not

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